Aditi Indian Washington DC

Aditi Indian Kitchen
Union Station Food Court
50 Massachussets Ave NE
Washington, D.C., 20002

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Aditi Indian Kitchen Union Station Review: Serving Better Indian Curries Now

The other day I was at Union Station rushing back home and wanted to pickup something quick for dinner from the food court.

Since I have a weakness for Indian food, I reluctantly went to Aditi Indian Kitchen to give it one more try.

You see, I had tried Aditi Indian Kitchen at Union Station in the past and was mighty disappointed with both quality of the food and service rendered.

My Order

Unlike other Indian restaurants, Aditi at Union Stations serves platters with choice of two entrees, rice and bread for $6.95 and three entrees for $7.95.

The entrees can be selected from the labeled steam table. Besides platters, Aditi also serves Indian appetizers like bonda, soups, lassi and beverages as well.

Aditi Steam Table Washington, D.C. ©
Food Counter / Steam Table

Since I was in a hurry and also keeping my past bad experience in view, I steered clear of appetizers, soups and lassi and stuck to the platter.

I choose the three entree Vegetarian Platter and substituted the third entree and white rice with Vegetable Biryani by paying an extra 0.35cents. My total bill for the Vegetable Biryani platter came to $8.30 before taxes.

Aditi Union Station Veg Lunch ©
Okra Curry (right) Saag Channa (left) Biryani (bottom) Naan (middle left)

I choose Okra Curry, Saag Channa and Vegetable Biryani for three entrees and the platter came with two small pieces of bread.

My Vegetable Biryani platter came packed neatly in a plastic box and included two napkins and a plastic fork.

Vegetable Biryani

Aditi's Vegetable Biryani inclued diced Carrots, Green Peas, Potato, Cabbage, Onion and Cilantro leaves.

Serving size was decent and Biryani was not in the least bit oily.

And it was flavorful.

The only odd thing is it tasted more like fried rice than a spicy Biryani, which is usually prepared with Cloves, Cinnammon, Cardamom, Marati Mogga, Ginger, Garlic, Bay Leaves and Poppy Seeds.


Okra Curry came packed with medium spice level. It included Okra in medium-thick red chilli powder based gravy and a few Tomato pieces.

Okra pieces were tender and serving size was decent. No issues.

The midly spiced Saag Channa came with a small serving size. Though it was mildly spiced, I still enjoyed because it did not carry a raw flavor.

Naan Bread

While I had no complaints with either the vegetable Biryani fried rice or entrees, what got my goat was the two pieces of Naan bread.

It was beyond horrible and not worthy of consumption by humans or animals.

Naan bread was way too thick, hard and worse it had a slight fermented flour taste.


Ordering was a breeze and the food was neatly packed and handed over to me within 5 minutes of placing the order.

The cash counter guy was also helpful and allowed me to substitute Vegetable Biryani for third entree for just an extra 0.35 cents.

Aditi Rating

Notwithstanding my irritation with the inedible Naan bread, I would revisit Aditi at Union Station when I am looking for a quick meal.

I'm glad to report that the quality of food (with the exception of Naan) and service has improved considerably since my previous visit a few years back. - ©

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